Rick Ross doesn’t hide the fact that he’s a car connoisseur, but one motor vehicle that he will not operate is a Tesla. On Tuesday (Jan. 24), Rozay went on Instagram Live and revealed that he has never ridden in the Elon Musk-branded electric car because he fears that the government could take control of the automobile.

“I won’t have a smart car… Well, I won’t say I won’t have a smart car, but I’ve never ridden in a Tesla, never in my life,” said the Maybach Music Group CEO. “And the reason being is because I’ve always had in the back of my mind, the government could tap into the brain of the car.”

Ross then articulated a scenario where he’s on the run and his car gets located by authorities, who then bring him in for interrogation.

“‘Ok, where’s Rick?’” he said, imitating an officer on a computer. “‘He’s over there. Bring him in for questioning.’ N**ga like, ‘Where am I going? It’s leaving Wing Stop before the wings are even done!’ You pull up to the building and an agent walk out, ‘Hey, Rick.’”

Ross’ Telsa car conspiracy isn’t a new belief. Last year, he did an interview with Hot New Hip Hop, and when asked about Telsa’s Cybertrucks, he gave an unsure response.

“I haven’t even put a lot of thought into it,” said the “Aston Martin Music” rapper. “That’s something Elon gon’ have to convince me. I seen him a month ago. Next time I bump into him, he gon’ have to convince me into that. I walk past cars every day that I can purchase. Every day, but am I gon’ purchase it? I’m not sure yet.”

Despite how he feels about Musk’s cars, Ross is still down to space travel with the rocket scientist. When the two bumped into each other last year at Kanye West’s Donda 2 listening party, Rozay wanted to secure his seat in Musk’s proposed mission to Mars.