On Wednesday (Jan. 18), a Brooklyn talent named Bvtman took to social media to reveal that J. Cole created a new song over his production. Titled “procrastination (broke),” the nostalgic number sees the Fayetteville emcee searching for inspiration as he creates an official follow-up to The Off-Season:

“I don’t gotta deal with stress of these creditors callin’ my cellular like that young rapper that don’t got a deal, but do got the skill and do got the will to make it no matter how long that it takes for labels to see you or a song that’ll break, and the rest of the world to catch on that he’s great, uh, how do you tap into hunger, when you don’t gotta wonder ’bout when your next meal is comin’ from?”

In his Instagram post, Bvtman explained that, one day, he received an unexpected text from Cole’s manager, Ibrahim Hamad, who revealed that the Dreamville star found interest in his beats. The artwork of the song, a text message from Cole himself, further breaks down how “procrastination (broke)” came to fruition:

“This song should live on your channel and serve as a thank you to you and every producer out there cooking up and sharing their work with the world,” the message reads. “It’s a million artists out there right now just like me, hungry and searching every day for something to spark a word, a melody, a hook, a verse, a punchline, a way to vent, or a way to CUT THROUGH.”

The message continued: “On a day when I couldn’t find much motivation, I was looking for anything to inspire me. Out of curiosity, I typed in ‘J. Cole type beat’ into YouTube. Yours was the first I saw. I pressed play, focused, and wrote this. This is some s**t that would normally stay in the vault, but I don’t want to hold onto the music like that no more. This is for you and whoever else need to hear it. God bless, bro, and keep doing what you do!”

Check out “procrastination (broke)” below.