In June 2021, Sada Baby unveiled Skuba Sada 2.5, a continuation of 2020’s Skuba Sada 2 that received additional support from Snoop Dogg, Skooly, Big Sean, Hit-Boy, Nicki Minaj, the late King Von, and more. Since then, the Detroit emcee kept his finger on the pulse with notable drops like “Skuba Steve Austin,” “Akuna,” “Faze Bag,” “No Sombrero,” “Machete,” “Halftime,” and “SUKISADA,” the last of which was an energetic collaboration alongside Florida’s own Sukihana.

Last Saturday (Dec. 31), Sada decided to close out 2022 with “Skuwup,” a booming cut that’s full of hard lines about street violence, hedonism, and more:

“How you really feel? How you feel about it? Once you tell a b**ch that you’ve been f**kin’ on her friend, look her in her eyes, say it’s gon’ happen again, would you tell a n**ga you the one that smoked his mans? Look him in his eyes, say it might happen again? Tell ’em how you feel, tell ’em how you really feel, how you feel about it? Tell that h** I’m toxic…”

“Skuwop” comes with a matching video that comes courtesy of Keefer. Most of the clip shows Sada dancing around to the music in an unknown location. He also makes video calls to different people throughout.

In a past interview with REVOLT’s “Big Facts,” Sada revealed that he almost switched careers prior to his music success:

“I had started rappin’ and I rapped for almost three years at the time, and I hadn’t made no money… My plan was, if by that third year, if didn’t nothin’ shake, I was going to culinary school, and I was gonna walk on [a] basketball team… and I was gonna get my degree, and I was gonna work on a cruise ship for six months a year and be off for six months a year. That was my plan.”

Press play on “Skuwop” below.