Back in July, Beau Young Prince unveiled his most recent single, “Oops,” which pays tribute to the hip hop legend Missy Elliott by sampling Tweet’s classic single “Oops (Oh My).” Co-produced alongside Jailo, the booming effort sees the D.C. talent rapping about his carefree, sex-fueled lifestyle:

“I’m a dog, you can tell I’m in heat, beat it and I got her singin’ like Tweet, I eat the cat ’til she weak in the knees, stroke it out until she fallin’ asleep, catch my nut, I don’t lay, I’ma leave, baby it’s money out here that I need … give her the pole, she tryna spin like Olivia Pope, I’m in your city one night for the show, we got the venue about to explode, all ’cause these women keep thinkin’ I’m cute, she went through my phone, I looked at her like ‘Oops’…”

Beau Young Prince further explained the song’s creation and its aforementioned inspiration in a press release:

“Being from D.C., I have always loved Missy Elliott, as she represents one of the most creative minds to come out of the DMV area and music as a whole. After going double platinum a few months back, I decided it was time to celebrate with some new music. ‘Oops’ is simply me paying homage to a legend while trying to add some new flavor to the overall mix. It has that D.C. bounce and flow that will make anyone move.”

“Oops” follows well-received drops like “Why You Mad?,” “400 Gas,” and “Chop.” Back in 2018, he released the Def Jam-backed body of work Groovy Land, complete with seven songs and notable collaborations alongside fellow hometown heroes Shy Glizzy and Lord Francis. A deluxe version of Groovy Land arrived a short time later with an added assist from Flipp Dinero. Check out Beau Young Prince’s “Oops” video below.