It’s no secret that anything Drake puts out sees massive success. Most recently, the Canadian-born rapper was certified as the highest-selling singles artist in RIAA history. But how does the hitmaker feel about memes directed at him and his music?

On Friday (Dec. 16), Drake sat down with Stake, an online betting platform, and discussed his feelings about certain memes making their rounds online. As previously reported by REVOLT, in early November, the 36-year-old released a joint album with 21 Savage titled Her Loss. While the project proved to be a hit, there’s no denying the song “Rich Flex” may have stolen the show with a ton of out-of-pocket memes.

While speaking with Stake during last week’s live stream, Drake revealed he has a sense of newfound comfort, describing his ability to disconnect from the noise of the world and spend time focusing on things that matter, like family. “I personally just feel like when your confidence grows, you really do settle in a place where you realize part of it,” the rapper began. “For example, we were out last night at this spot, and this girl was like, it was loud, but she was like, ‘How does it feel? Like everyone’s always making fun of you? I wouldn’t be able to take it,’” Drizzy said in his best high-pitched impression of a woman’s voice.

The host appeared surprised by the fan’s questioning, so Drake clarified. “She was like, talking about memes, ‘cause ‘Rich Flex’ was on,” he explained. But how does Champagne Papi feel about the online jokes? “I was just like, ‘You know what? I understand that after all these years, that I feel like I have a polarizing presence. I’m almost a character in people’s movies, and therefore, there’s a running dialogue. There’s jokes. You’re either the villain to some people [or] the hero to some people. It is what it is,’” he responded.

Check out some of the “Rich Flex” references, plus the full interview below.