Recently, GloRilla has been trending more times than not in the social media space. While it is almost always because of her music and her come up, she is currently the talk of the people because of her newly opened personal assistant job. She found herself defending the new position after critics slammed her for what they deemed a low salary. On Wednesday (Dec. 14), the CMG rapper took to her Instagram Live to address all the commotion over the $550-a-week pay rate for the new personal assistant opening on her team. Big Glo posted the job listing earlier this week with responsibilities that include managing the rapper’s calendar, organizing meals, booking travel and more.

The Memphis star wasted no time clearing the air on her live stream as she explained what the expectations of the job were and made note that certain expenses are covered along with the salary. “Let me tell you muthaf**kers something, talking about $550 is too little. B**ch, it really need to be $500 — nah, I’m just playing,” Glo said. “First of all, your flights get paid for, your flights and your travel. If you want a higher pay, then pay for your own flights and your own travel and see how much them 500-dollar-a** flight tickets be … I take flights every day.”

GloRilla continued to say those who think she’s going to give someone over $1,200 a week and pay for their flights on top of paying for her own travel are outrageous. She further spoke on the job responsibilities by saying: “Half the s**t on that list you don’t gotta do for real. It’s just, if it comes down to it, you might have to do it. But it’s literally the easiest s**t in the world. You really don’t gotta do s**t but be with me every day.” While many people may disagree with the job’s salary, Big Glo made sure she got her point across regarding the matter. You never know, being her personal assistant could lead to other greater opportunities! Check out what the “Nut Quick” rapper had to say below.