Jim Jones is the latest artist to get into the holiday spirit. Yesterday (Dec. 13), the Harlem legend unveiled 12 Days of Xmas, an 18-song body of work with a wealth of assists from the likes of Dyce Payso, AlleyCat TheRapper, Keen Streetz, Yellow Tapee, Tommyboyfame, Rah Swish, Mr. Chicken, and Rayy Rayy, the last of whom provides jokes for the project’s first two tracks. Via press release, Jones spoke on recruiting the aforementioned comedian:

“Comedy and music have always been synonymous for me. One compliments the other. I’ve been watching Rayy Rayy grind and make so many people laugh since I first noticed him during the pandemic. He’s helped with the decision to start signing comedians — not verbally through conversation, but through his comedy. So when I decided to make [12 Days of Xmas], it was only right I have Rayy Rayy host for his debut on VampLife Comedy.”

Rayy Rayy also chimed in on the opportunity: “I have never seen anybody do this before in terms of an Instagram comedian who works [with] a label backing them. This is going to be a lane in the next year, and you might see people doing Instagram comedy hoping for a label to sign them.”

One particular standout, the 20Cam and Cover COD-produced “Everything,” is centered around giving gifts and more to that special someone:

“I buy you everything anyway, not to mention all the mortgage and the rent I pay, all the trips I paid for when we went away, I’m way better than Santa is what I meant to say, ain’t worried ’bout your wish list, I’m worried ’bout you whipless, s**t, over you, I’ll turn every day into Christmas, you might as well leave the tree up in the summer too, freeze your arm up in July when it’s 102, Santa’s got a bag and I got one too…”

Press play on 12 Days of Xmas below.