On Tuesday (Nov. 22), Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free held a private screening for their short film “We Cry Together,” which is centered around Lamar’s Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers song of the same name. Following the screening, the duo sat down with actress Tessa Thompson to discuss the Alchemist, Emile Haynie, Bēkon, and J.LBS-produced cut and its accompanying clip. According to Lamar, the idea for the emotionally charged track — which features Taylour Paige — began with its visual aspect:

“The crazy part about this joint is that it started with the film first and the music — putting it on the actual album — came after. The idea was always to capture this writing, not no song, [but] the writing and the film and the texture and the cinematography of it in order to get the full experience out.”

He continued: “I always had trust in Dave, and vice versa, to trust all of our ideas as a collective. And I think the energy that we bring, and the groundwork that we put forth, brought us individuals like Taylour and Jake [Schreier, who helped to direct the short film] to come and say, ‘Okay, this is a collective I want to be a part of and not be blocked in by the margins of what people perceive is okay.'”

Free added to the conversation, elaborating on the film’s creation:

“[We were like] let’s find super intense moments that have a lot of atmosphere in the room. And as we went through the process, we started talking about how this should be a film. We settled on a one-take format that was essentially a dance in the room. There was a lot of people in that room, even outside of Kendrick, dancing around to capture that. And Jake was a huge help. He did some one-take work that we were really inspired by, so we asked him to join us, and we started putting the pieces together.”

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