Back in June, Westside Boogie marked his return with the sophomore LP MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES. The album consisted of 12 tracks and contributions from Soulja Boy, DRAM, Smino, Teezo Touchdown, Kalan.FrFr, Snoop Dogg, and more.

Last Friday (Nov. 18), fans were treated to an updated version of Boogie’s latest effort. Titled MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES (LIMITED EDITION), the new release boasts six extra songs, three of which are live versions of singles from the original drop. One particular cut, the Keyel and Los Hendrix-produced “HALFWAY RIGHT,” features Alex Isley and Rapsody, the latter of whom matches her Compton-based counterpart with a verse about a past love:

“Imagine you bedridden so much you might get scoliosis, I was your backbone, we divided like Moses, mediated confrontations and to split, was the only way that we could walk away from all this s**t, you ran off the plug and ain’t pay your fees, I was rooted in your love, you only wanted to smoke your trees, puff, puff, you never passed on a** when asked, you just had to bag ’em all with your dogs and be a bad boy…”

In addition to the album upgrade, Boogie liberated a new visual for the Mamii-assisted standout “NONCHALANT,” a melodic offering that’s focused on a budding-yet-toxic relationship:

“Can you bring that overnight bag? Uh, pre-rolls for the night cap? Yo, she into crystals to release and meditation at the beach, I’m into actin’ like a thief and comin’ takin’ all that peace, how many bodies do you got on the north side? Hope when I bring you ’round my homies it’s your first time, prolly not, though, I understand if you ain’t tell me ’cause you know that I be judgin’…”

Press play on MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES (LIMITED EDITION) and the aforementioned visual for “NONCHALANT” below.