Baby Tate says the future is looking bright!

During the 2022 REVOLT Summit x AT&T, the Atlanta native caught up with us backstage to share her excitement for being a part of one of the culture’s biggest events for networking and chasing dreams. “My Summit experience has been cute,” said Baby Tate who had just hit the stage with an electric performance. “We did the show, I’m about to eat some food and have a good time.”

Furthermore, the “Poof Be Gone” emcee opened up about being inspired by all the boss ladies killing it at the festivities. “I’m always constantly inspired by life. By women. By my own personal experiences. So, coming out and performing, it was great. It’s always great. [I’m] always gonna bring high energy and bring a good time.”

Just days shy of releasing her latest project, Mani/Pedi, Baby Tate reiterated that she’s here to stay for the long run and looking forward to what lies ahead. “The future for Baby Tate is very, very bright,” she exclaimed. “It’s bright like this light right here. I have a new mixtape dropping so that’s gonna be amazing. New music. New everything. We got the new name as Baby Tate now and yeah… [I’m] just going up.”

She added how the body of work, which was released Sept. 30, gives fans a glimpse into her versatility as an artist. “This new music is definitely something I’m super excited to do. It is a half R&B, half rap project because I do both and I feel like a lot of people don’t know that I do both. They either know that I sing or they know that I rap,” Baby Tate explained. “This project is really going to cement me in both places. Like, you can’t get one without the other. [I’m] the full package.”