It’s been some months since Westside Boogie released his sophomore LP, MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES, and he continues to keep his momentum going in creative ways. Earlier this week, he decided to bless the masses with a performance visual for “CAN’T EVEN LIE,” a Dart and Keyel-produced cut that features Soulja Boy and sees the two artists keeping it real about a series of hood-related issues:

“I done got digits inside of the Civic, I done got commas inside of the Honda, honestly wasn’t too close to my father, you know I won’t lie if I say, ‘On my momma,’ like, what, is you stupid, lil’ b**ch? She keep on tweetin’ these quotes about marriage and hope, so you know that I muted the b**ch, f**k, is you new to this s**t? You gon’ fall for the lie when she say she sleepin’, you know she ain’t sleep…”

Sans Soulja Boy, viewers can catch Boogie in a studio delivering his rhymes alongside his backing band. If anything, it gives anyone who wasn’t able to catch the Compton emcee on his recent tour a taste of what they might’ve missed.

In addition to the aforementioned set, Boogie also paid Funk Flex a visit for his iconic freestyle series, and you can rest assured that he did not disappoint:

“This feel like some s**t I gotta black on, watch me do this s**t like I do back home, strengthening my core up to my backbone, see, this what all them groupie n**gas latch on, wearing all my feelings, n**gas say I’m overdressed, at least I won’t explode over no feelings I suppress, foot up on they necks, what’s that odor, oh, that’s death, the fact I even made it through the funk should be a flex…”

Check out Boogie’s “CAN’T EVEN LIE” performance and freestyle for Funk Flex below.