Can you imagine how things would be for Moneybagg Yo right now if he never signed with Yo Gotti’s CMG (Collective Music Group) imprint? Well, once upon a time, that could have very well been his reality. During a Saturday (Nov. 5) sit down with Vlad, Akon shared an interesting story on how he had the opportunity to sign Bagg before he linked with Gotti, but ultimately had to pass. He says that the decision went against the advice of Memphis rapper OG Boo Dirty. During the interview, it was revealed that Boo Dirty initially introduced Akon to the “Time Today” rapper.

“And mind you OG Boo Dirty was the one that introduced me to Moneybagg. You know he’s signed to Yo Gotti, but we had him first okay but we never signed him,” Akon said. “Ain’t that crazy, OG came to me and said, ‘Yo Kon he’s the next n**ga,’ like, but at the time I wasn’t focused.”

According to Akon, everything changed when the pair of rappers paid a visit to his home years ago to play him unreleased music, which the “Locked Up” vocalist says convinced him the CMG titan was next in line to blow up. “OG came to the house, I mean he brought Moneybagg with him and Moneybagg had a record bro, till this day if he release it I always said that was gonna be his biggest record, it’s called ‘I Need A Plug’ okay I heard that record I went f**kin’ crazy,” he said. “I was like, ‘Oh this record is out of here this kid is gone,’ that’s what convinced me to what it was.”

Kon pretty much missed his beat with Moneybagg Yo because his attention was on other things he deemed more important at the time, but everything ultimately worked out for the better.

Check out the interview below!