It’s hard to grasp that today (Nov. 1) the hip hop community lost one of the most influential rappers of today’s generation. Former Migos artist Takeoff was fatally shot while at a private bowling alley event in Houston. What’s even harder to believe is that some people are sharing footage of the grisly scene.

In the video, which REVOLT will not share, Quavo is seen kneeling over Takeoff’s body begging for help. There are also photos of the slain rapper laying on the ground. Fans online are slamming anyone who is sharing the content of the utterly heartbreaking situation. “I don’t know, but seeing a video floating around of Takeoff’s lifeless body and a screaming Quavo isn’t something any of us needed to see. Are we so desensitized that we have to record absolutely everything?” one Twitter user asked. Another person warned their followers that they would remove users from their friend list for sharing the gruesome footage. “Apparently [there’s] a video of Takeoff floating around [right now]. If you put that s**t on my [timeline, you’re] blocked for life and you getting cussed out. Y’all so disrespectful and weird,” they said.

Others thought of those close to the artist who may sadly come across the content. “We actually don’t need to see a video of Takeoff’s body. Not everything is for social media. Do y’all ever think of these people’s loved ones and family??? S**t’s disturbing… RIP Takeoff,” they posted. Another upset fan added, “If you’re reposting the pics and videos of Takeoff’s corpse, f**k you. Like from the bottom of my heart and in all sincerity, f**k you. Show some f**king respect. You ain’t a real fan of Takeoff if you’re doing that s**t. F**king sacks of s**t.”

Takeoff, born Kirshnik Khari Ball, was just 28 years old when he was fatally shot. At this time, no suspects have been linked to his killing. We will continue to bring you updates as they become available. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and supporters.

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