Latto and Flo Milli are not falling into the pitfall of rap rivalries. Instead, the two emcees embraced the importance of female rappers supporting each other.

The Clayco musician and Alabama native are among the artists who sat down for Rolling Stone’s Musicians on Musicians package, in which the two discussed life and their music careers. Latto and Flo’s interview, which will appear in Rolling Stone‘s November print edition, was published on YouTube on Friday (Oct. 21).

“I can remember multiple times where they tried to pin us against each other, and it’s like the way we build our strength is by going against that. Actually saying, ’Nah, this my sister. I’m gonna show y’all I support her in front of y’all,’” Milli said.

Milli continued: “I think it’s important to do that, especially as young artists coming into the game, because everybody comes from different places. People don’t know, every time we was doing interviews for BET, they was like, ‘Oh, Latto showing you love!’ We need that at times.”

The “Conceited” artist began rapping as a child. Two years ago, she seemingly blew up overnight when her record “Beef FloMix” went viral on TikTok. Latto landed early notoriety after being named the winner of “The Rap Game” in 2016. Since then, she’s garnered hit after hit and amassed an enormous fanbase, including celebrities like Mariah Carey.

The “Big Energy” rapper piggybacked on Flo’s comment about showing support to other artists, adding, “We all get discouraged and then that one little recognition from somebody, even if it’s your peer or if it’s someone way bigger than you, it just re-motivates you. I remember seeing Cardi saying she f**ked with me.” She also said the newfound notoriety from her industry peers is still mind-blowing.

Peep the full interview below.