Not only did DJ Drama take to the 2022 REVOLT Summit x AT&T stage to help discover the next big talent during the Be Heard competition, but the hip hop vet also took a moment to share some keys to becoming a successful artist.

“I always tell people, before you go and try to call Diddy on the phone or call DJ Drama, when you come to conferences like this, look to your left and look to your right because the people that are sitting right next to you that are aspiring to do the same things,” the Gangsta Grillz creator told REVOLT at the event. “You can literally create movements with those people.”

As the co-founder of Generation Now, the label that is home to acts like Jack Harlow and Lil Uzi Vert, DJ Drama also opened up about his love for discovering new talent. “A lot of my career is literally based upon finding or being a part of new talent. New artists, singers, producers, what have you,” he explained. “So just for that, me being here and being able to see the talent of tomorrow, that’s what the culture is all about. That’s why I named my company Generation Now… it’s about what’s coming up next.”

Furthermore, the star took a minute to thank the REVOLT chairman for paving the way for so many people in the industry. “If we want to really take it back, you know REVOLT is an entity that Puff aka Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, aka Love, created for us. He is literally the blueprint for all of us,” DJ Drama continued. “I like to say the sky’s not the limit. The sky is just what we stand on.”

When it comes to creating your own wave, DJ Drama stands 10 toes down on the fact that one should build across their immediate network rather than just focusing on who’s in high positions.

“I think that it’s very key for a lot of people, when they get in the business, we try to go to the top of the food chain, when literally, you might have your manager or your PR or your art designers sitting right next to you at conferences just like this. And I talk about my own come up, like, my business partners are two people I went to college with. We’ve been friends for 25 years and we created a business and an empire together. I think that’s important for people to take in.”