Kid Cudi is at the height of his career and has no plans to stop as he shares encouraging words to his fans to follow their dreams. On Tuesday (Oct. 18), the 38-year-old artist shared a series of motivating tweets to his fans after a successful sold-out show in Tokyo, Japan.

Cudder confessed that the industry never gave him any leading roles in a movie or TV show; therefore, he created his own series. “I’ve never [led] a movie or a tv show until I made my own show after 14 years of workin’ in this business,” Cudi wrote. “Make it happen for [yourself]. Don’t wait for anyone’s approval when [you] know what [you are] capable of. [The] industry didn’t give me a chance? Cool. [I] did it myself to critical acclaim.”

He continued, saying that “Entergalactic” is his best-rated project out of his nearly 20 years of work and expressed to his fans to believe in themselves and their ideas. “‘Entergalactic’ is my highest-rated project [with] the best score out of anything I’ve ever done. And it’s my creation. You got an idea?? Fall into it and go with it. Bet on [yourself],” he conveyed.

The Cleveland-born rapper praised film director Matthew Cherry, stating he was one of the few who knew Cudi had what it took to produce his own work. “I wanna say one thing, Matthew Cherry knew I could lead a project years ago, and he even looks out for me,” he shared. “[So] find the solid people in the business that are good folks that believe in you and lift you up.”

“Entergalactic,” a love story between two Black main leads, Cudi and Jessica Williams, has received many high praises from several movie reviewers. Rotten Tomatoes rated the six-episode series 93% positive, while Metacritic gave it 77 out of 100 based on 10 reviews, indicating “generally favorable reviews.”

Check out Kid Cudi’s tweets below: