The past month has been rough on celebrity relationships. Within the last few weeks, several high-profile divorces have been announced. The breakups seemed to begin just after Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka was caught cheating on longtime partner Nia Long. Now, Cam’ron is trying to show the actress that he can be the “best man” for her.

Yesterday (Oct. 16), the Harlem rapper shared a screenshot of a direct message he sent to Long. “This was last week. Still no response,” he said as he showed off what he considered to be his best pickup lines. Cam’ron began by letting her know why he took some time before sliding into the DMs. “Hey, Stink. I was giving you some time to yourself till I reached out,” he noted. “Your perseverance as a strong, Black woman through this turbulent time has been something to behold. You shouldn’t be taken advantage of and exploited as you did nothing to deserve this,” he added.

After offering comforting words, Cam’ron began to let her know the two of them should give things a try. “You’re a queen, and by the way, I’m a king. Together we can achieve the greatness we were both [destined] for as a couple,” the Dipset artist wrote. After trying to woo her with a bit of French, he said, “As I sit here sipping gazpacho and watching ‘The Best Man,’ I was inspired to reach out, because that’s what I am, the best man for you!”

Cam’ron concluded his messages with, “Hope to hear from you soon my Mi-amour. Or should I say, ‘Ni-amour’…Until the next time the sun rises and [the] moon falls.” A series of colorful heart emojis followed. Fans online were thoroughly entertained by his DM. “Lmaooo not Cam’ron calling Nia Long ‘Stink.’ Lol yuck. Where did that nasty a** pet name come from? It’s not cute,” one person tweeted.

Another offered both parties support: “I ain’t mad at Cam…Shoot your shot. Maybe she’s still processing? Us girls have to work through things differently. It’s only been a week. @Mr_Camron sit back and let’s watch this continue to unfold. Who knows what else may come out? It might work in your favor. Patience.”

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