Back in June, Diddy marked his return to music’s forefront with “Gotta Move On,” an infectious cut that he produced alongside J-Louis, RNSOM, Teddy Walton, Slimwav, and Roark Bailey. With assistance from Bryson Tiller, the track is centered around a relationship that, despite the New York mogul’s best attempts, has met its unfortunate end:

“I triеd, I tried to give it all to you, baby, brand new Mercedes, a newborn baby, yeah, and I told you, ‘Your love too lazy,’ damn, all you had to do was love me, baby, yeah, and it gets so frustrating, yeah, why you wanna go and test me, baby? Yeah, grade me and tell me I’m failing…”

Today (Oct. 14), Diddy unveils his Gotta Move On EP, which consists of the original song and three remixes along with contributions from Cool & Dre, Fabolous, Tory Lanez, and more. One of the biggest standouts from said EP is “Gotta Move On (Queens Remix),” an upgrade that features Yung Miami and Ashanti and boasts additional production from Ron Browz. As previously reported by REVOLT, Ashanti can be heard delivering a piercing message to one of her former flames:

“You be playin’ all these games and I ain’t got time, you be out here like these n**gas, ain’t crazy ’bout mine, like I can make a call and have ’em pull up on site, you thought that you could have it on the weekends, now you mad ’cause I told you I was leavin’, n**ga, I’m gone, n**ga, I’m done, n**ga, move on, too much of your s**t, you got a little d**k, it’s givin’ obsessed, it’s givin’ you stressed, it’s givin’ you pressed, it’s givin’ this n**ga missin’ the best…”

Check out both Diddy‘s Gotta Move On EP and a dope visual for the aforementioned “Queens Remix” (courtesy of Kid Art) below.