Multihyphenate Quincy Brown continues to show the world his many talents with his recent character, music producer Crown Camacho, in the hit Starz series “Raising Kanan.” For those who haven’t caught up, spoiler alerts are ahead. While Crown is in “Power” heaven after an unfortunate run-in with drug dealer and entrepreneur Lou, in real life, Quincy is all smiles for the journey he was able to go on with the opportunity.

In this fun chat with REVOLT, the young star shares a piece of advice on how to conduct oneself in a business meeting. He also opens up about whether Diddy influenced his “Raising Kanan” character and shares his take on the forever recurring “R&B is dead” conversation.

With new artist Zisa entering the picture, Lou and Crown are fighting to break her into mainstream music. What advice would you give Crown to spearhead her career into greatness?

I feel like the importance of understanding the business is vital and will set you apart from other people since some may not know the business side of things. In the series, as Lou is trying to help Zisa, Crown’s opinion matters because he’s trying to paint the realism of the situation. Lou has a street mentality and is coming into a new world in the music industry, which can lead people to get excited — or, they aren’t operating through the truth, more so the hype, and think it’s a money move. The advice is to know the business and its possibilities, and don’t be so disappointed with the business.

There’s a meeting where Crown cuts Lou off, shifting the energy in the room. What’s one piece of advice you would share for business partners trying to lock in a potential client?

You have to see those meetings as a game of tennis — it needs to have the back and forth flow. The client is the referee in this situation, while you and your business partner are the players. If there’s no rhythm, something has to give. You may even need to spike it (laughs). Crown realizes, slowly but surely, he’s losing touch with his overall creation. You must know when to take control.

Playing the role of Crown, an exec in his own right, did you consult with Diddy to prepare or mimic any of his traits to flesh out the character?

I grabbed Puff Daddy and Al B. Sure! as an artist and a producer. It was that clash with a little bit of my spice. You’re drawn to certain people due to their passion for certain things, and I feel as long as that was present in Crown’s character, you will find love for him and not hate him for not knowing how to face someone from the streets every time there was a conversation.

What’s one trait from Diddy and Al B. Sure! that you have that impacted your growth as the actor and artist you are today?

I’m a great listener, and I like to learn. I feel the laid-backness mixed with being a sponge is who I am, and I’ve taken that because of the business ventures and strategies that go into that. It’s not what you do; it’s how you do it, which became something I factored in by seeing moves. If I’m in a room and hear about a move meant to be made in the future, it’s all about how you execute.

Diddy has widened the discussion about R&B and the state of the genre. Do you feel any current artists are pushing R&B forward?

I feel like R&B is not dead. I think that’s a quick thing to say to represent the state of R&B. I have a lot of favorites right now — I like SZA. She’s incredible. This feeling surrounds the genre, and it’s about love — we love in a million ways, and it doesn’t have to be shown in one way. It’s been [overshadowed] because you can only see how somebody needs you.

People got bored with the genre — the industry was bored when the same tactics were done in the 90s. You need to just shift with the times. Music is getting better and while there are things in the way, it doesn’t mean it’s not evolving. We need a new umbrella to pull us in, and when we are ready to let the shine come, the shine will shine.

What’s the best piece of knowledge a music executive should never forget?

Never lie. In the business world, keep it all the way real because business is so set with legalities, so make sure you protect yourself at all times. Make yourself vulnerable in every moment so you can stay true to who you are because once you start making moves that aren’t founded on what you put in, you have to keep up with something that isn’t you.

Sometimes people catch up years later…But they have to ride that wave of what they did until they grow into somebody who they really are.