This Friday (Oct. 14), Tee Grizzley will unveil Chapters Of The Trenches, a conceptual offering that will continue to show the Detroit star’s penchant for creating vivid street tales on wax. Thus far, fans have been able to enjoy visuals from the album for “Robbery, Pt. 4,” “Ms. Evans 1,” “Tez & Tone 1,” and “Jay & Twan 1,” the last of which is about a couple of “neighborhood crooks,” one of whom ends up turning on the other over money:

“Jay like, ‘I’m broke, I need you to break bread,’ Twan like, ‘You ain’t hit the funeral? That s**t dead, I gave you half, boy, what you did with yo’ spread?’ No reply, Jay popped Twan in his head, shots from behind, bullet came out his face, pulled out his phone watchin’ Twan body shake…”

Before the new LP arrives, the “First Day Out” rapper decided to drop another clip for the Helluva Beats-produced “Jay & Twan 2,” which continues the aforementioned story by showing how Jay’s life has taken a darker turn due to his actions:

“Damn, snake of the year and the whole ‘hood hear, Jay really killed his own brother for a Crip, he ain’t even stressin’, blue tips in his clip, as long as that F&N don’t jam, he gon’ live, they all on the internet talkin’ ’bout what he did, n**gas know where he lay, so, he bought another crib…”

Check out Tee Grizzley‘s cinematic “Jay & Twan 2” video below, along with the full tracklisting for Chapters Of The Trenches.

Chapters Of The Trenches tracklist:

  1. “Foreword”
  2. “Jay & Twan 1”
  3. “Jay & Twan 2”
  4. “Jay & Twan 3”
  5. “Shakespeare’s Classic”
  6. “Robbery Part 4”
  7. “Robbery Part 5”
  8. “Ms. Evans 1”
  9. “Ms. Evans 2”
  10. “Seen So Much”
  11. “Tez & Tone 1”
  12. “Tez & Tone 2”
  13. “Free Baby Grizz, Pt. 3”