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  /  10.11.2022

Former NBA player Ben Gordon was arrested at LaGuardia Airport on Monday (Oct. 10) for allegedly hitting his 10-year-old son Elijah Gordon, according to the New York Post

The publication reports that Ben was awaiting a flight to Chicago, Illinois when Port Authority officers blocked him from getting onto the plane. He was handcuffed over the alleged abuse at 8:45 p.m., a New York Police Department (NYPD) source told the Post. The former NBA player’s son was escorted by an aunt and taken to Long Island Jewish Children’s Hospital to be evaluated for any physical injuries he may have suffered.

The 39-year-old shooting guard, who once played for the Chicago Bulls and the Orlando Magic, was being processed at the Port Authority police station house. The charges against him are still pending. According to sources in the NYPD, two Port Authority officers suffered minor injuries during the arrest, though it’s unclear how or where they were hurt.

It is just the latest run-in with the law for the troubled sporting star. Ben was arrested for an alleged assault and robbery in 2017. He allegedly assaulted and flashed a knife at a manager at his former apartment building and left with a lump sum of cash he believed the manager owed him. The 39-year-old former NBA player was also nabbed for driving with a forged license plate and setting off fire alarms inside his LA pad when there was no fire.

After an incident with a woman in his Mount Vernon, New York store in October 2021, he was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. She called the police, who found Gordon locked in the store’s bathroom. During the argument, she told the NYPD that he got physical, throwing and destroying things, then locking her in the store.

There has been no comment from the Port Authority Police Department regarding Gordon’s arrest.


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