Judge Greg Mathis recently shared his thoughts on the untimely passing of PnB Rock and the wave of violence currently affecting hip hop.

On Sept. 12, the Philly rapper was robbed and gunned down in a Los Angeles Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles while dining with his girlfriend. Three suspects — a 17-year-old boy, his father, and his stepmother — have since been arrested and charged in connection to the case. Police are still looking for a fourth suspect who they believe tipped the father and son off with PnB’s location.

When asked about the young star’s death and the advice he’d give the youth to prevent future gun violence, Judge Mathis didn’t hold back. During an interview with REVOLT last week, he insisted people “stop being suckers.”

“My advice is to stop being suckers. We all claim to be so tough and macho, yet we fall for the trap that has either been set or has occurred as a result of economic deprivation and denial of equal education,” he began. “In addition to what I mentioned, when you add the dumping of guns or drugs, it’s a trap, and if you go for it, then you’re a sucker — you’re not a wise street guy at all.”

The famous judge called out the number of guns on the street as another key issue. “I want to know if people understand the murder rate with gunfire assault went up 20 percent as gun ownership went up 20 percent. The number of guns on the street has a counter-effect on the number of shootings and killings,” he explained, adding, “Some of the root causes come from our brothers not being aware that they are being pawns to a system that demonizes them already, and you’re given an additional weapon from those who want to demonize you.”

He also shared his opinion on police brutality and where it stems from, noting, “Part of the police shootings, in my opinion, come from the demonization of the Black man because [the belief is] the ‘Black man should be feared.'”

After PnB Rock’s shocking death, fans, loved ones and hip hop peers took to social media to express their deepest condolences. Here at REVOLT, we continue to keep his family in our prayers.