There is no doubt that Kanye West will speak his mind, despite how people may feel about it. Most recently, Ye revealed he was in the running for a highly sought-after position that ultimately went to Virgil Abloh.

In an interview released on Friday (Oct. 7), West sat down with the French media outlet “Clique TV,” where he spoke about learning of the news that Abloh accepted the role of artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton.

“No one knows that I have been offered the deal by Bernard Arnault,” he said. “No one knows that the deal was pulled. I used to call myself the ‘Louis Vuitton Don.’ So when Virgil was at the house, there was a lot of pain and jealousy that I was dealing with. And also I would sometimes get mad because I would feel that certain designs could be better.”

West said that although he felt “pain” and “jealousy” toward Abloh, his political stance prevented them from working together before Abloh’s passing. “So there was a lot of pain and trauma and unpacking in the idea. I would go back to Calabasas with no production, and I would have sweatshirts; that’s what we had. And Virgil would have access to the house, and we were never able to do a collaboration, I think because they considered me to be toxic because I had a political opinion and because I wouldn’t wear a [Black Lives Matter] shirt [and] because I would wear a red hat.”

He added, “I have to say that the fact that I wanted to vote for [Donald] Trump was the thing that sent me to the hospital. Scooter Braun would say, ‘Hey, you know that’s going to mess up your career.’ Sakiya Sandifer would say, ‘You don’t want to be on the wrong side of history.’ So imagine being in an environment where someone as vocal as me is told by every single person around them that they can’t say what they believe in and that I was a bad person if I believed in something different from all the people in Hollywood.”

The 45-year-old multi-hyphenate artist has been vocal about his political stance and right to have an opinion lately, specifically on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, which he has since been restricted from using. However, it did not stop Ye from releasing a 30-minute documentary, LAST WEEK, on his YouTube channel. REVOLT previously reported that the short flick shows the father of four spending time with his children, among other Kanye-esque things, including showing Adidas executives a pornographic film during one of their meetings.

You can watch West’s “Clique TV” interview and his 30-minute documentary, LAST WEEK down below: