Back in August, Nicki Minaj liberated the greatest hits compilation Queen Radio: Volume 1, a 29-song offering that also boasted some of the Young Money star’s newer releases. One such offering was “Likkle Miss (Remix),” which saw Nicki jumping on Jamaican talent Skeng’s July hit “Likkle Miss.” Today (Oct. 6), fans can now enjoy another upgrade of the infectious cut, complete with new assists from Spice, Destra Garcia, Patrice Roberts, Lady Leshurr, Pamputtae, Dovey Magnum, Lisa Mercedez, and London Hill.

Titled “Likkle Miss (The Fine Nine Remix),” the roughly six-minute track is full of boastful rhymes about the artists’ financial success, sexual prowess, and pole position in the game, beginning with a brand new verse from Nicki herself:

“They ain’t never gotta ask this one question, ‘Who is the queen?’ Likkle miss obsession, I’m the one who keep these b**ches under pressure, cock it back like it’s 45, uh, special, oh I play the front, they gotta linger back, Foxy Trini b**ch, where Inga at? Uh, it’s like me deyah in Japan, ninja Nicki, where Ninja Man? I don’t need a hunnid n**gas, lil’ b**ch, me soon come, dripped in YSL, one thug and one gun, these b**ches gon’ bow down or lay it down, Trinidad, Port of Spain to Spaintown, mi seh, when mi reach, di fun done…”

In a recent Instagram Live session, Nicki spoke on the remix and its importance to her fans and supporters:

“Y’all already know what I wanted to do with my motherf**kin’ sound effects for this f**king song. Okay? I don’t think y’all understand what the f**k this song is giving. Like, first of all, where are all my Caribbean people? Where all my Caribbean people? Oh, we have a special thing planned for this song, okay?”

Check out “Likkle Miss (The Fine Nine Remix)” below.