Kid Cudi has always remained current with fashion as a trendsetter during his nearly two-decade career, and now he’s taking on another fashion role: designer.

On Wednesday (Sept. 21), the 38-year-old rapper and actor announced to his millions of followers on Twitter that his latest venture, a fashion line, Members of the RAGE, will debut at Paris Fashion Week in Jan. 2023. “Members of the RAGE first collection debuts in [January] during Paris Fashion Week,” he wrote. “I’m comin’ to f**k s**t up.”

In February, Cudi initially introduced his fans to the brand, releasing shirts with a spaceship logo he designed alongside Japanese fashion designer Nigo, Bape’s creator. “I present to the world… Members of the RAGE, ” he expressed. “Tap the computer and sign up with [your] email so [you] can stay updated on all drops! Logo designed by NIGO and me.”

Although the Cleveland-born artist remains vague about the details of his new line, there has been no shortage of talk about his new Netflix adult-animated series, Entergalactic, set to debut on Sept. 30. In a recent interview on Thursday (Sept. 22) with Billboard, he talked about the process of creating his 10th studio album to accompany the six-episode show. “I always wanted to do something visual accompanying an album, but so many people have tried that. I just wanted to figure out another approach that hadn’t been done before,” he said. “I masterminded this whole thing and said, ‘Okay, it’s best if I make the music first, and then we go in and write the scripts.'”

He continued, “So I pretty much wrote the story in my head and made the album first. I’m talking about figuring out different beats in the story, and I knew I needed a song that gave you the feeling when the main character Jabari saw Meadow for the first time. I needed a song that was [about] the feeling and emotions when they made love for the first time. I needed a song that was the kind that explains and touches on them losing each other. Will they ever get back together?”

Additionally, Cudi discussed his upcoming release, “Willing to Trust,” which is scheduled for Friday (Sept. 23). “It’s a song [that is] a big moment in the show. It’s a tender moment, and the beat is crazy. Ty Dolla $ign does his f**king thing on there, and he’s really amazing. It’s a really beautiful song from beginning to end. It’s a perfect love song.”

You can see Cudi’s Members of the RAGE tweets down below: