A video that was recently shared on social media shows surveillance footage of the crucial moments just before industry veteran Chaka Zulu was shot in Atlanta.

As previously reported by REVOLT, he was among three men wounded during a June 26 confrontation. One of the victims, 23-year-old Artez Benton, did not survive the incident. Zulu has since been charged with murder along with aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during commission of a felony and simple battery.

On Sunday (Sept. 18), Zulu’s attorney Gabe Banks released a statement maintaining his client’s innocence. Banks shared that Zulu was at his place of business when he was approached by “at least four individuals” and was forced to defend himself. Banks insists that “surveillance footage and eyewitness interviews” supported claims that Zulu lawfully discharged his firearm after being “attacked and jumped from behind.”

Banks added that Zulu was “repeatedly stomped, punched and kicked” while on the ground before being shot in the back and nearly losing his life. Local Atlanta news station 11 Alive obtained a copy of the surveillance footage and sent it to both Banks and the Atlanta Police Department to verify the authenticity of the video.

On Monday (Sept. 19), the outlet shared a statement from Banks that read, “Based upon the information that I have to date, the video footage in the link you provided via email is accurate.” During the investigation, authorities confirmed that there was an altercation before the shooting. In recorded audio, a bystander who called 911 told a dispatcher, “It was a little scuffle or whatever, and um, next thing we heard shots ringing out.”

Those who saw the footage online questioned why Zulu was the only person arrested in connection to the incident. “This is clearly self-defense! Now we ask, who did he piss off in the Atlanta Police Department and prosecution’s office?” one person tweeted. Another wrote, “The Chaka Zulu video looks like self-defense to me unless there was something I missed.”