Officers at the Layton City Police Department have arrested 25-year-old Eulogio Cervantes for allegedly installing a video camera in the women’s bathroom at Taco Bell. One of his female coworkers discovered the equipment and notified authorities.

The situation unfolded at a Layton, Utah Taco Bell near 900 N. Main Street in Davis County on Wednesday (Sept. 7). According to a statement from police, “A search of the device showed an adult male placing the recorder in the bathroom and showed his face.” Detectives added that the device seemed to be “actively recording” at the time. Cervantes was arrested and taken into custody as he arrived at the restaurant for his shift. Officers added that the employee “fully admitted to placing the camera in the women’s room to record women in a vulnerable state of undress.”

As the Taco Bell employee spoke with police, he reportedly allowed officers to search his phone. Investigators found “several videos and images of adult women urinating.” The report mentioned that two underaged girls also appeared in the footage. Cervantes “stated that he intentionally recorded knowing that children use the bathroom and knowing that he would record children in a state of undress,” a department member said.

A LCPD officer revealed that the Taco Bell worker “manufactured child pornography as he intentionally and knowingly placed a recording device in the bathroom where the public and children use it.” The 25-year-old was taken into custody and booked into the Davis County Jail. Cervantes is facing five misdemeanor counts of voyeurism, third-degree felony counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and voyeurism and a first-degree felony count of aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor.

Officers did not disclose whether or not the images were shared online or if the victims were identified. Documents state that some footage was edited and saved to his phone.