A 16-year-old gunman shot two 12-year-old boys in Miami-Dade County while they waited for the school bus on Thursday (Sept. 8) morning.

According to Local 10, the gunman approached the two boys on the sidewalk near a bus stop and demanded that they hand their cellphones over. Miami-Dade Police (MDP) Detective Argemis Colome said when the two boys refused, the 16-year-old opened fire, shooting both boys and sending them to the ground. The shooter fled the scene before police could arrive.

“These are two juveniles—two 12-year-olds. It could be our children just going to school. That is the last thing that any parent has on their mind—that their 12-year-olds that are waiting to go to school are going to get shot at,” Colome said.

Ricrido Gaspard, an eyewitness who heard the shots, said: “I saw a kid shot in the leg. He said, ‘I’m so in pain. I can’t hold it no more.'” The boys were transported to a local hospital, where they were listed in stable condition.

MDP Director Fredy Ramirez released a statement: “I am appalled that a 16-year-old was in possession of a rifle and two handguns. I am deeply disturbed that he used one of these firearms to shoot two of our innocent children. No parent should have to worry about their child while they wait for the school bus. We could have lost two lives today, and now three families are affected by senseless gun violence. These issues begin at home and can be addressed early on. We will continue to be a presence and resource in our community.”

Local authorities eventually tracked down the teenage gunman after setting up a perimeter in the neighborhood. It is said that the 16-year-old allegedly made his way through several backyard areas before hiding in a duplex’s shed. The teen reportedly had two guns on him at the time of his arrest.

Since all parties involved are minors, their names will not be released.