Last night (Sept. 8), Yung Miami returned to REVOLT with her latest episode of “Caresha Please.” This time, she sat down with Saweetie, who opened up about her long-awaited album, her past relationship with Quavo, and dating in the public eye. As with previous interviews, Miami also made sure to ask about specific issues that fans really wanted to know about, including a certain Chanel store picture and the now-infamous elevator video. As expected, Twitter had a field day during its premiere, with many chiming in on Saweetie’s honest responses to some of the questions asked.

“Ok the realist s**t [Saweetie] said on #CareshaPlease is ladies need to date and have fun with it because women commit to easily and the p**sy is the power,” said Twitter user @DesiignerTwins. Another, @nodamnfriends, responded to Saweetie’s comments in regards to older men:

“When [Saweetie] said older men are good during the day, and younger men are good at night because older men be getting tired … Felt that!”

Meanwhile, others — like @ashleyybayybee4 — commented on the segment when Saweetie opened up about her past relationship with Quavo, a sensitive topic given their highly publicized breakup last year:

“I really can’t blame [Saweetie] for not wanting to talk about what happened wit her and [Quavo]. Sometimes you [just] don’t wanna talk about the past.”

@oblivionlys felt for Saweetie as well, and seemed to relate to the emotions one goes through following the unexpected end of a relationship:

Saweetie describing loving someone and being hurt when the future you planned doesn’t happen is such a real feeling. That s**t be DEVASTATING but you gotta just keep busy to keep it together so people think you good.”

Check out plenty of other Twitter reactions below. If you missed it, you can enjoy Saweetie and Yung Miami’s full conversation here.