This week, “Black Girl Stuff” returned with an all-new episode of the series. While hosts Akilah Ffriend, Brii Renee, Demetria Obilor, Tori Brixx, and resident correspondent Kennedy Rue got off to a heavy start with a discussion on colorism and the way it has affected them, the rest of the episode was fun and lighthearted throughout! With guest appearances from King Combs, Kali, and Macy Gray, there was a little bit of something for every music fan, and the show’s two “BG Bosses of the Week” are sure to leave you inspired. As always, you can catch “Black Girl Stuff” every Tuesday on REVOLT at 9 p.m. ET as well as every Wednesday on our website, YouTube channel, and app. Watch the latest episode here.

1. Colorism in the Comments

The ladies started the episode by addressing a heavy-hitting topic, as some of the viewers feel like “Black Girl Stuff” isn’t Black enough. One social media user previously commented, “Black girl show only ¼ Black. Make it make sense.” Ffriend kicked off the conversation by saying, “For me, being a darker-skinned Black woman, being the darkest-skinned on this cast, I do really enjoy that my Blackness is not questioned … I’ve got 4C hair, I’ve got the Black nose, I’ve got full lips, I’ve got the darker skin tone … I enjoy walking into a room and you knowing I’m Black.”

Obilor spoke a bit about colorism’s role in the way viewers may be feeling, noting, “It is true that historically the media has cherry-picked lighter-skinned individuals to represent Black people as a whole, and has made it seem that dark skin is undesirable … and we have to address it.” With colorism being so rampant in Hollywood and the media, in particular, it’s understandable for viewers to feel this way, but the bottom line is that every woman on the panel is a Black woman. The ladies also note that no one’s race should be questioned due to the hue of their skin, and coming together is more powerful than dividing the culture further.

2. King Combs Joins the Panel

Young King Combs stopped by the panel to talk a bit about his new single with Kodak Black, “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop,” as it’s currently blowing up all over social media. When asked how he’s feeling about the song’s reception, he said, “It’s feeling fire right now, I ain’t gonna lie. I always knew this song would be hard when it dropped. I ain’t know it’d go No. 1 on Instagram or nothing like that fast, so I feel super blessed.” Combs also spoke about dealing with people who aren’t genuine, growing up surrounded by legends, his favorite R&B artists, and much more. “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” has over seven million views on YouTube alone, and the numbers are only growing on all platforms. It has that signature Bad Boy feel and a super nostalgic hook that you cannot help but sing along to. It’s clear that King Combs has a hit on his hands, and the girls are loving it.

3. Macy Gray Talks Abortion Rights

Macy Gray, the neo-soul legend, stopped by the panel to talk about her recent show at the Hollywood Bowl, her authenticity, adversity, and so much more. When talking about what’s helped her remain authentic through the years, she told the “Black Girl Stuff” ladies, “I just never knew how to be any other way. You can be great; you can be Jesus, you know, people are always going to have a comment. It’s better to just roll out and master what’s right for you.” She also shared her thoughts on the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that has outlawed abortion in several states. “I think it’s an interesting time for women to understand that the fight isn’t over and it’s easy to settle into what our grandmothers set up for us, but there’s still a long way to go. Of course I’m against it … I never really understood why it was anyone’s business whether you wanted to have a baby or not.” Her newest album, Reset, dropped back in early July, and you can check it out on all streaming platforms.

4. Kali’s Confessions

Kali, also known by her nickname “Toxic Chocolate,” sits down with the girls to talk about how she got her infamous moniker; her newest single, “MMM MMM,” that’s blowing up on TikTok; astrology; her crush on Kehlani, relationship status, and more. While talking about astrology, she revealed that Scorpios are the one zodiac sign she’d never date — both men and women! When asked her reasoning behind disliking Scorpios, she said, “I just think that Scorpio men are liars, and nobody likes a liar, and I think Scorpio women are sneaky!” On the opposite end of the spectrum, she mentioned that she likes dating Geminis and Aquariuses: “I like spontaneous people, I’m real impulsive, I like just random things.” Her newest EP, Toxic Chocolate, is now available on all streaming platforms!

5. BG Boss of the Week

In the 2016 film Hidden Figures, Taraji P. Henson played the role of Katherine Johnson. For many, Henson’s role was their first introduction to Johnson’s work. Johnson calculated the flight path for the aircraft that put the first U.S. astronaut in space, among her many other achievements. Nearly 60 years after she paved the way, then-President Barack Obama awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Due to her trailblazing work, she’s this episode’s first BG Boss of the Week! The second BG Boss of the Week is Tiera Fletcher. She graduated from MIT and is now working at NASA’s space station with the goal of sending humans to Mars! She’s killing the game, and she’s the absolute embodiment of a “BG Boss.”