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  /  08.25.2022

It was a two-part episode this week on the “Big Facts” podcast with co-hosts Big Bank, DJ Scream, and Baby Jade. First, the group was joined by Atlanta rapper Mykko Montana who spoke about his music journey, some of the lessons he’s learned from being in the industry, and much more. Later, the crew was joined by ATL’s very own Hunxcho.

Following a steady release of mixtapes over the span of three years, Mykko, born David Jeffries, finally caught the attention of award-winning producer Nitti Beatz, who signed the star to his label. He found breakthrough success a year later with the debut of his 2012 club single “Do It” featuring K Camp. Despite his experience in the industry and proven success, Mykko is still considered a new artist.

The “Rotation” rapper admitted he has hit a couple of bumps throughout his career, but he’s also started new chapters — like becoming a father and an uncle. Mykko spoke about the pressures of keeping up the momentum after his breakout hit. “The pressure has always been on because of the magnitude of how I went up with it, and I know as I came back around trying to put out more, it was just kind of like … ‘That’s just it, buddy.’ I’m like ‘’D**n! This hard. This hard,’” he explained.

Mykko said the criticism came from “the people and the label.” He continued, “They put me in a box.” Mykko felt he was stifled and forced to perform the hit single constantly, although he acknowledged that people want to see their favorite artists perform their biggest records. The “My Rider” rapper also aired out his frustration over false perceptions about his career, especially the idea that he was more financially well-off than he actually was. Mykko revealed that there were times when he worked for free, touring several cities without making a profit.

“Promo. I was so mad,” he explained. “When I went back to go get my money [that] the label said I had from this guy [Nitti] I was signed to, [he said], ‘You ain’t got no money. We took that for your promo run.’” The business relationship between Mykko and Nitti ultimately went sour, but  the “All Night” emcee said, “Ain’t no smoke, I just don’t f**k with him.” He added, “He caught me at a vulnerable stage in my  life — I was young.” “I don’t need a pity party. I didn’t know if I could use my common sense. He knew that, and he knew my story,” he said of his former employer. He continued, “He knew where I was coming from … He knew what I had on the way. You knew everything.” Mykko insists, “The man god**n swindled me. I felt bamboozled.”

The rising star claimed people like fellow Atlanta rapper Yung Joc warned him about Nitti’s alleged bad business practices. Still, he said he wanted to make his own assessment of the music executive. Eventually, his deal went left, but Mykko admitted that due to the excitement of snagging a record deal, he didn’t look at his contract as thoroughly as he should have. Against his team’s advice, he signed with Nitti once again, citing a need for money at the time.

Mykko believes that had Nitti been more transparent about the nature of the business when they initiated their partnership, he could’ve handled the incident better. Friendships were hurt by the situation, but the rapper said, “I didn’t feel no kind of way about it ’cause I grew from it and due to the fact that I grew from it, I grew to understand that I got to start having accountability.” Regarding his previous business endeavors, the rapper admitted there were a few things he could’ve done better: “Handle my business. Take my time. Read. Trust yourself. Give the s**t a breather sometimes.”

As mentioned, the co-hosts were later joined by another Atlanta rapper gaining steam in the music industry — Hunxcho. The self-proclaimed rap poet released a single titled “Let’s Get It,” which saw astronomical success following a 21 Savage-assisted remix. The rising star garnered the attention of several music labels but ultimately signed with 300 Entertainment, and has been putting in time in the studio ever since.

The “Where I’m Going” emcee opened up about his decision to sign with the organization founded by industry veterans Lyor Cohen, Kevin Liles, Todd Moscowitz, and Roger Gold. “This around the time every label was calling me. All the labels was sounding like robots, all saying the same thing; 300 sounded the most genuine.” The rapper explained that he’s been a part of bad deals before and that he “wasn’t trying to get in another f**ked up situation.”

When it comes to his artistry, interestingly, Hunxho revealed he isn’t looking for a “dream feature.” Instead, the burgeoning rapper said, “If it comes, it’s cool. I’ll do it, we can do it, but I don’t want no feature because I don’t want nobody feeling like they turnt me up or nothing like that.” Hunxho appears to be taking a more laid-back approach to his rap career and how he conducts business, including charging his peers for guest verses depending on what they can afford. “I don’t even give them my regular price, I just say, ‘What you workin with?’” he revealed. “I might listen to your music, and your s**t hard, and I see you actually working hard — you tell me $100, I might do that, motherf**ker.”

Hunxho cited his experience of trying to make it in the music business and wanting to make it easier for other artists if possible. Like always, if you liked what you heard, be sure to stay tuned every week for new episodes of “Big Facts.” Also, don’t forget to watch the latest show here.


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