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  /  08.24.2022

Did you miss us? “Black Girl Stuff” returned with an all-new episode this week and covered everything from social media’s biggest debates to Jamie Foxx’s Day Shift movie, Idris Elba’s Beast film, Omeretta The Great’s burgeoning rap career, and so much more. You do NOT want to miss any of it, so catch up on the topics hosts Akilah Ffriend, Brii Renee, Demetria Obilor, Tori Brixx, and resident correspondent Kennedy Rue discussed via our recap below. As always, you can catch “Black Girl Stuff” every Tuesday on REVOLT at 9 p.m. ET as well as every Wednesday on our website, YouTube channel, and app. Watch the latest episode here.

1. Getting “Flewed Out”

Now, it’s not uncommon for a man with a little bit of money to offer to fly a woman out if he’s interested enough, but the debate on the table is: If he does, is she now obligated to show him a good time in the bedroom? The ladies dove into the comments to find out the consensus view on this viral debate. One Instagram user said, “The math ain’t mathing. I don’t care if you fly me to the moon — if I don’t wanna give you no cat, you not getting it,” and the ladies overwhelmingly agreed. Renee spoke about the importance of standing your ground if sex isn’t what you want when you’ve agreed to be flown out, “At the end of the day, in my experience, if you stand on what you said, they will respect you more.” Obilor agreed, but mentioned that you should always be able to afford to fly yourself back home. No one wants to be left stranded in an unfamiliar state or country! All in all, the majority opinion was you should be honest and be smart!

2. “Rap Sh!t”: Should Your Best Friend’s Enemies Be Your enemies, Too?

In Issa Rae’s new HBO show “Rap Sh!t,” the two main characters’ friendship gets tested. Shawna and Mia get into a disagreement about not having each other’s backs and what that means. In Renee’s words, “Beef by association.” The “Black Girl Stuff” ladies posed the question, “If your best friend is beefing with someone, should you automatically be beefing with that person, too?” Brixx brought up the fact that most friends have similar beliefs, saying, “I feel like if it’s your friend, most of the time you’re friends with people you have similar core values with, so whatever you’re mad at, I’m probably gonna be mad at, too.” Ffriend also brought up an important point about empathy, noting, “Something doesn’t have to happen to you personally to feel affected by it.” They agreed that when it comes to adopting your friend’s beef, it’s probably wise to think twice, but loyalty should always be a priority.

3. Kennedy Rue Chats with Idris Elba, Jamie Foxx, and Jean Elie

“Black Girl Stuff” resident correspondent Kennedy Rue first sat down with Idris Elba to talk about his latest film with Will Packer, Beast. Elba spoke about bonding with his two co-stars, Leah Jeffries and Iyana Halley, both on and off set and the parental role he played for the girls while filming. Next, Rue sat down with Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco. Rue talked about the interview being a bit of a full circle moment for her, as Foxx was one of her very first interviews as a kid. Foxx spoke to Rue about his newest Netflix film, Day Shift, starring himself, Franco, and none other than Snoop Dogg. Foxx opened up about pushing to do the movie with Franco after the first table read and the challenges of doing pre-production over Zoom rather than in person. Lastly, Rue sat down with Jean Elie (who you may recognize from Issa Rae’s “Insecure”) to talk about his new series, “Send Help.” The show is all about a first-generation Haitian American’s unique experience. The show touches on everything from Black men’s mental health to the Haitian culture that’s present throughout the entire series.

4. Omeretta the Great Joins the Panel

Omeretta The Great is a rapper who recently went viral for her song “Sorry NOT Sorry,” in which she lists every suburb surrounding Atlanta that is “NOT Atlanta.” She joined the girls on the panel to talk about her inspiration for the viral hit, what makes someone from the city, working with Latto, being a woman in hip hop, and plenty more. One of the highlights from the conversation came about when Renee asked the rising star if she felt pressured to participate in the stereotypical lane of female rap, also known as “coochie rap.” In response Omeretta The Great said, “I feel like it was a time [when] it was heavily promoted, but I feel like now people are starting to get tired of that … people with more substance are starting to get more praise.” Rap thrives off of it’s vastly different subgenres, so it’s always refreshing to see someone bringing something new to the game!

5. Kira Oliver Talks Real Estate and Men

Kira Oliver is a real estate agent based in Atlanta, Georgia and a cast member on OWN’s “Ladies Who List: Atlanta.” Oliver joined the panel to talk to the ladies about shacking up with a man, and the different scenarios she deals with regarding her clients. She shared that the way she became a millionaire was by purchasing real estate — she bought four properties with someone she wasn’t married to at the time. Oliver emphasizes her belief that you should only buy real estate with someone you trust, whether you’re married or not. She also spoke about the legal aspect of purchasing property with a partner and the importance of putting everything in writing. It’s always best to expect the unexpected. Another important topic she spoke about was protecting yourself when moving in with a man. A quick tip? Make sure your name is on the deed! She dropped several more gems during her segment, so be sure to watch!

6. Brandy x Motown

There’s no denying the fact that Ms. Brandy Norwood is a living legend. From several classic albums, to starring in her own television series, to being the first Black Cinderella, and being named the “Vocal Bible” by none other than Whitney Houston, Brandy’s resume is long and her name carries weight. She just announced a new partnership with Motown Records and we want to be the first to congratulate her!

7. BG Boss of the Week 

If you haven’t heard of Nicole Lynn, it’s about time that you do! She’s making waves in the sports industry. She’s Klutch Sports’ new president of football operations and the first woman to represent a top NFL pick. Not only is she making a name for herself, she’s also opening doors for the young Black girls following in her footsteps. Lynn is a huge advocate for equal pay within the industry, and her clientele includes big names such as Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. 50 Cent is developing a show based on her life, and you know we’ll be the first to tune in!


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