Rising rapper GloRilla stopped by “Big Facts” with hosts DJ Scream, Big Bank, and Baby Jade this week for an extra special episode. The Memphis hitmaker made big waves this summer thanks to her smash single “F.N.F. (Let’s Go),” a collaboration with musician Hitkidd. The uptempo rap track garnered the attention of rapper Yo Gotti, who would later sign her to his Collective Music Group (CMG) record label. The 23-year-old spoke about the career-changing moment, what fans can expect from her in the near future, and much more.

The up-and-coming emcee spoke about her rise to fame, telling Big Bank that, “For the first month, I wasn’t believing nothing.” However, as time passed, the musician shared that she ultimately embraced her new celebrity status. DJ Scream asked the star about the best and worst parts of her newfound fame. “It’s like traveling [is] the best and worst part. I be hating getting on planes now. I feel like we get on a plane every day – every day it’s a plane, but I like traveling because I wasn’t traveling at first. I haven’t been anywhere before,” the raptress revealed.

When it comes to fully settling into her new rapper status and lifestyle, she told the hosts, “I’m 90 percent there.” When asked about the remaining 10 percent, the “Trust Issues” rapper said, “I still walk around like I’m normal, sometimes.” She added, “I’ll walk in the building and forget that I’m famous and s**t. Then somebody comes out of nowhere and says something to me. I be like, ‘D**n, I keep forgetting.’”

Elsewhere, the rapper spoke about fans’ expectations as she releases more music. GloRilla made it clear that despite the success of “F.N.F. (Let’s Go),” fans shouldn’t expect to hear many anthem-inspired songs from her. “It’s so crazy because I make normal songs. I’m not a person that makes twerk music and anthems, but that’s what I made with ‘F.N.F.’ by mistake,” she explained. “I didn’t mean for it to go how it did, but it did. So, a lot of people expecting that from me, but I got different music coming.”

Aside from rapping, the “GMFU” artist said she wants to someday get into acting. “I most definitely want to act. That’s what I wanted to do first growing up; I wanted to act. I always wanted to be somewhere on the camera because at first I used to sing, but I can’t sing no more,” she quipped. “That’ll be so crazy seeing me in a movie because I think I could act. I did a hood movie in Memphis before,” she revealed.

Since stepping onto the music scene, the “Steph Curry” emcee has received overwhelming support from fans and industry peers. GloRilla spoke on the love she’s received and why she believes the public reception has been so positive. “I’m real humble. I don’t [like] being cocky or nothing. I’m still humble,” she explained. “Then I feel like a lot of people can relate to me [because] I’m not really changing. I’m saying I’m from the hood, so a lot of people can relate – even the people who ain’t from the hood.” She continued, “I have received more love, but I’ve done [sic] received a lot of hate too. I show love to people; I’ve never had a hating spirit — because I always know it’s about timing. It just ain’t my time right now, or I ain’t working hard enough.”

The “Do the Dash” star revealed how she stays level-headed even as her life and career take off to new heights in an environment where it is easy to lose your sense of self. She told the hosts, “I just think in my head: ‘Stay yourself.’ Stay humble because once you get the big head and get cocky, stuff be going wrong.”For fans curious about what the star has coming up next, GloRilla revealed she wants to drop two more singles before releasing her album, “so people can feel me a little bit more.” She added, “So they could be ready for the album.”

While elaborating further on her plans, the “Turn Up” musician denounced the idea that she was an overnight success. “People don’t understand you actually got to put in the work. It don’t happen overnight,” she insisted. “It looks like it happened overnight for me because a lot of people didn’t know me, but people from Memphis, they know I’ve been rapping, I’ve been doing this. I’ve been actually putting in the work to be here.”

GloRilla signed off with some advice for aspiring artists looking to get in her position. The rapper said, “Never stop. Give it your all – 100%. If that’s really what you want to do, do everything to pursue it.”

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