On April 5, Cincinnati Police Officer Rose Valentino was caught using vulgar and racist language while on duty. The footage came from Valentino’s bodycam and was made public on Tuesday (July 26).

According to NBC News, the 14-year veteran once starred in TLC’s reality documentary series “Police Women of Cincinnati.” The show had eight episodes and aired in 2011. Once the video of Valentino’s April outburst was discovered, an internal affairs investigation was launched. The officer claimed to be annoyed as cars waiting to pick up students at Western Hills University High School didn’t move when she turned on her sirens. In the report, Valentino claimed she became even more agitated when a Black “male student walked by and gave [her] the middle finger.”

In the video, the cop is heard yelling with frustration as she slowly drives past the school. “Fucking niggers, I fucking hate them!” she rants. When questioned by investigators, Valentino said, “This is a hard job and I was getting to a point where I was really being affected by it. I have been on for 14 years.” City Manager John Curp suspended the officer after the footage was released, as reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer. Interim Police Chief Teresa Theetge backed his decision.

“Officer Valentino will not be on city streets in uniform, wearing a badge or carrying a firearm,” Curp shared in a statement. Mayor Aftab Pureval also addressed the situation: “I was appalled to see Officer Valentino display such hateful, angry and racist language. Our law enforcement represents all of this city, and Black Cincinnatians deserve to feel safe knowing they will be treated with mutual respect. A fair and complete process needs to play out, but someone demonstrating this behavior has no place in a world-class organization like CPD.”

According to the internal report, “Officer Valentino believed that she was being affected by her profession and has since sought treatment.”