In an article published today (July 13), Migos rapper Quavo (whose real name is Quavious Keyate Marshall) sat down with GQ to discuss a variety of topics. In the interview, the Athens, Georgia native discussed his first word, his past relationship with Saweetie, life as a Migos member and more.

The Migos are known for their unique style of rapping, even moreso are their signature adlibs. Although you’re likely to hear “Mama” randomly yelled on any of the trio’s tracks, that wasn’t the 31-year-old’s first word. The first word he ever said was “ball.” His mother Edna revealed he “never said anything else until he was three.” He certainly has a lot to say these days as a chart-topping rapper. In May, it was announced that Quavo and his nephew, Migos member Takeoff, were working on a new project under the name “Unc and Phew.” Together they dropped the single “Hotel Lobby.”

During Quavo’s interview with the outlet, he discussed using Windows Movie Maker to record verses before the fame. “That’s how we would make a record,” he said. “You would have to record it from start to finish. If you messed up, you had to start over.” He recalled dropping out of school with just one semester left because it simply didn’t suit him. After seeing friends go to college and feeling stagnant for a while, he began to take music more seriously. By 2012, Migos had their first local hit with “Bando.” He reminisced, “It started something in the club instantly.”

The “Strub Tha Ground” artist also discussed life beyond Migos. “It was all about Migos, Migos, Migos. The three of us,” he shared. “I feel like every group member has to establish themselves. Their own body of work. If not, you start losing members,” Quavo added. As far as his relationship with rapper Saweetie, Quavo thinks the public got the wrong idea of him. “If I can ever speak on it, I never once in a million years want to do any harm to any woman, period,” he said. Earlier in the interview, he discussed being raised by women. He added, “I don’t like what people think. When they saw the elevator thing, they thought it was abusive, something crazy.” Quavo noted that he wants to continue growing before getting in any other relationships.