Today (July 11), reports claimed Kanye West may soon be opening his very own retail store. According to TMZ, trademark filings have surfaced from Ye’s company Mascotte Holdings Inc. In the documents, there are plans to expand YZYSPLY (Yeezy Supply) from “online ordering services” and “online retail store services” to physical “retail stores” and “retail store services.”

The fillings from June 29 and discuss clothing and accessory options such as lingerie, hats and shoes. According to Hypebeast, the United States Patent and Trademark Office verifies that the items are legit. With no official word from the “City of Gods” artist regarding the possible store, we’ll just have to be on the lookout for updates.

Lately, West has been tapping into other ways to express his creativity outside of making music. In February, the Chicago native took streaming to the next level when he announced his Donda 2 album would be released exclusively on his Stem Player. In addition to streaming, the device allows users to remix their choice of songs as they listen.

Recently, West recently took his talents to the automotive industry. As previously reported by REVOLT, on July 6, Ye appointed shoe designer Steven Smith as the lead for the all-new Donda Foam Vehicle. The automobile will be conceptualized, designed and manufactured in the United States. During last week’s announcement, Smith said, “I’m honored to help create our shared vision of the future.” He continued, “Mr. West is the single, most inspiring creative I have ever worked with.”

As for YZYSPLY, fans seem to be ready for the possibilities. “If Kanye chalks Adidas and GAP and just sells shit via YzySply, that’s genius. Take my money now,” a user tweeted. Another hopeful fan posted, “I’m [just hoping] Ye [opens] more than one YZYSPLY store when he finally [does] open up.”