Last month, Lupe Fiasco unveils his eighth studio LP Drill Music In Zion, which contains 10 songs and additional appearances from Ayesha Jaco and Nayirah, the latter of who appears on the album’s lead single “AUTOBOTO.” Produced by Lupe and long-time collaborator Soundtrakk, “AUTOBOTO” is centered around the Chicago emcee‘s love for high-end vehicles, the reality of street life, and more:

Lies to the judge, rain in the sky, and the sea might rise what slides to the mud, sty’s to the flies from all kinds of demise, reporting live from the hive and all sides of the sludge, one deep meditate, one street separate, ‘Hi’ to the Crips, ‘Goodbye’ to the Bloods, but it was the Souls, the Lords and GDs, segregated by the street in the Chi’ where I was, got wise to the nudge, why buy a tub when they bayou’ll flood? Better buy you a sub, how you gon’ survive in the club?”

Today (July 7), Lupe drops off a new visual for “AUTOBOTO” which begins with him appearing on earth as a presumed alien. Much of the clip then shows him riding around Chi-Town in a Porsche Carrera, a clear reference to one of his better known nicknames. Following his sudden to departure from this planet, Nayirah appears to deliver her harmonies for the viewers to enjoy.

Shortly after the release of Drill Music In Zion, Lupe took to Twitter to further explain the time and resources utilized to create the well-received body of work:

“I ‘wrote’ (I actually didn’t write it more like spoke it) & self-recorded ‘Drill Music In Zion’ from scratch over the course of 72 hours, give or take some hours, only stopping to eat and sleep, entirely on GarageBand with a $100 USB microphone in my living room.”

Press play on Lupe Fiasco’s “AUTOBOTO” video below.