Within the next few weeks, Brent Faiyaz will unveil his highly anticipated album, Wasteland. Earlier this week, the Maryland artist premiered a short black-and-white clip that revealed a few details from the forthcoming body of work. Fans can expect appearances from stars like Raphael Saadiq, Jordan Waré, Alicia Keys, L3gion, The-Dream, Jonathan “Freeze” Wells, Jorja Smith, DJ Dahi, and more. He has already shared singles like “Wasting Time,” which boasts an assist from Drake and production by The Neptunes.

Today (June 24), Faiyaz returns to present another preview of Wasteland, this time with a brand new single, “Price of Fame.” On the freshly released track, Faiyaz shares some truth about how the life of a star isnt’t everything it’s cut out to be sometimes:

They just wanna take me off of here, they just wanna knock me off my square, look at that/ I can’t fake a smile, it’s hard to wear and I can’t show no love, that shit too rare/ Is it ’cause my whip so fast you don’t see no flaws? (Whew, whew) Is it ’cause my bitch so bad she blew you off? Look at that/ All of the things they want

They don’t know why they want it (I know, look), they don’t wanna give you time to heal/ They just wanna bleed you dry, for real and if you’re comfortable (Yeah) don’t let no one know/

Back in 2020, Brent Faiyaz released the critically acclaimed EP Fuck The World, which peaked within the top 20 of the Billboard 200 chart shortly after its arrival. Since then, he has released a ChopNotSlop version of the aforementioned project and reconnected with his Sonder mates Atu and Dpat for the surprise EP TOO LATE TO DIE YOUNG.

Be sure to press play on “Price of Fame” by Brent Faiyaz down below.