This summer, comedian and actor Kevin Hart will expand his business ventures with a new, plant-based fast food restaurant. The eatery will be called Hart House. Entrepreneur Andy Hooper and former chef Michael Salem (who introduced the Impossible Whopper to Burger King), have partnered with the Night School actor for the new endeavor.

Although the establishment has yet to open, the website is already up and running. Hart House’s preview of the mouth-watering vegan menu advertises items such as the Deluxe Crispy Chick’n, served with “hunny” mustard and pickles, and the Double Burg’r, which features American cheese, Hart House signature sauce, and two plant-based patties. Salads and sides are also available.

Hart House offers “passion for flavor” while having “compassion for our planet.” According to the website, the restaurant was founded to “create a good experience that combines the joy of coming together over food, with the power of purpose.” It adds, “[The] amazing chefs and team members have crafted a 100 percent plant-based menu that delivers ‘can’t-believe-it’ flavor in every bite.”

While the Los Angeles location is scheduled to open this summer, locations in Hollywood and New York are coming soon. The food chain promises to be affordable while having “respect for people, animals and our ecosystem.”

In an exclusive interview posted yesterday (June 16) from Los Angeles Magazine, Hooper shared that “Kevin sort of [conceptualized] this idea at the beginning of the pandemic.” He also stressed the importance of having a menu that everyone can enjoy.

“If you were to just come out and say to folks, ‘Come to my vegan restaurant,’ automatically, there’s two-thirds of the country that just won’t go because they’re thinking to themselves, ‘Oh, vegan food doesn’t taste as good as other food.’ I think it’s important for us to be a restaurant that first and foremost serves a crave-able product that people go out of their way to consume and then at the end we’re like, ‘Hey, by the way, this just happens to be all plant-based,’” Hopper added.

We’ll be on the lookout for updates on the grand opening of Hart House.