Congratulations are in order for the multi-talented T-Pain. Yesterday (May 8), the Florida rapper used Twitter to announce that he had taken a leap of faith and decided to answer his calling by becoming a restaurant owner.

In a series of lengthy threads, T-Pain shared his excitement with fans.

“I DID IT BOIS!!!! Im officially a restaurant owner. Got my keys today and I’m scared as shit. BUT! I can no longer ignore the paths God has set for me just because I don’t understand or I’m scared,” he said in a tweet.

While sharing the inspiration for his decision, the “Bartender” hitmaker revealed that as a teen, he watched his parents open their first restaurant together. He shared powerful photos of the beautiful Black couple in front of their family business.

“My mom and dad in front of their first restaurant. I grew up in this place. I know the risks. I know how stressful it is. I know the success rate,” he said along with the pics.

“Thank you everybody for your support, kind words, encouragement, and though it may not seem like it, I also appreciate the concern,” he added before asking others to please not “project your own fears” onto him.

The “I’m Sprung” singer reminisced about watching his father speak about his reasoning for naming their family restaurant “Fish-N-D-Pocket.”

“Well when you own something u can name it whatever the fuck u want,” was his dad’s response. T-Pain recalls always thinking his father’s answer was “hilarious” but added that he understood where his dad was coming from.

In addition to T-Pain embarking on his new journey as a restaurateur, the entertainer has dabbled in the food and beverage industry before. In September of 2021, he released his book Can I Mix You a Drink?

The 50-cocktail recipe book was a clever play on his 2007 hit single “Buy UA Drank” featuring Young Joc.

Tomorrow (May 10), T-Pain’s “Wiscansin” tour kicks off in San Francisco. The show has stops in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York along the way.