As previously reported by REVOLT, on April 12, a violent subway attack happened in a Brooklyn subway near the Sunset Park neighborhood. During the attack, 10 people were shot. As many as 19 others were injured in the height of their morning rush-hour commute.

The accused gunman Frank R. James was later arrested and now faces life in prison for his crimes.

On Friday (May 6), James was indicted in a Brooklyn federal court on two counts. One of James’ charges includes a count of terrorist attack and other violence against a mass transportation system. The other count he faces is for discharging a firearm during a crime of violence.

According to reports, James firing a weapon could land him a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years. The maximum would be life.

As of now, there has been no date set for his arraignment. Sources say that in addition to his possible life sentences, if convicted, James would have to turn over all of his assets.

Judge William Kuntz will preside over the case.

During the subway attack, James allegedly wore a gas mask and threw gas canisters as he began firing into the crowd, causing complete chaos. Undetonated devices were also found at the scene.

No motive was given on why the shooting occured, however, James was linked to several YouTube videos where he ranted about race and violence. Those videos have been removed from the platform.

Last month, James’ attorneys accused federal agents of failing to properly question their client. They added that authorities allegedly took DNA samples and made him sign certain documents.

On April 13, New York Mayor Eric Adams appeared on “Good Morning America” to give an update on the case. Adams noted that he wanted to be “extremely careful” when discussing the specifics of an ongoing investigation.

“Things that happen at the beginning of the case can actually get in the way of the prosecution and we don’t want this person to get away.”