DJ Kay Slay is reportedly “still fighting” for his life since being hospitalized with COVID-19 in December. The information comes from Wack 100, who was the first to break the news about the DJ’s health battle.

“UPDATE‼️ @djkayslay still fighting,” he wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday (April 14). “He’s been off the #ECMO machine for couple weeks now. Let’s continue our prayers as our brother continues to fight.”

Kay Slay’s bout with COVID has been far from easy for the New York DJ. The virus initially placed him on a ventilator, prompting Wack to rally support and prayers on social media. “Pray for my brotha [DJ Kay Slay]. It’s not looking good,” the longtime music manager wrote in a post. “He might be mad at me for this, those that know Slay, but he needs all the support he can get.”

Wack’s post made its way through the internet and was met with a slew of encouraging comments from fans and celebrities alike. Per Kay Slay’s brother Kwame Grayson, the attention also resulted in better medical treatment from the hospital.

“Kay Slay is a private dude and he didn’t tell anybody in the hospital who he was, and we was kinda getting average treatment. When they found out who he was, that’s when everybody stepped up treatment,” he previously revealed. “He was slowly fading away, but God didn’t let that happen. Everything in time and when they found out who he was, they got him powered up again. So he’s up and going. He’s like in a recovery state, but he’s definitely not going to die. You can trust me on that.”

Kay Slay opened his eyes days later but was warned that it’d be some time before he is released from the hospital. As of Wednesday (April 13), per Grayson, the DJ was doing “okay,” HipHopDX reported. No further details have been provided.

See Wack 100’s post below.