Just last week, Key Glock returned with a deluxe version of his Yellow Tape 2 project. The new edition of the well-received body of work added on 10 new tracks, including its introduction track “Grammys.” With perfect timing considering the 64th Annual Grammy Award ceremony was just held over the weekend as well, Key Glock dropped off his official visual for his track of the same name. For the freshly released clip for “Grammys,” Reel Goats spearheaded production to provide a cinematic mini-movie that finds Glock reflecting on vivid moments from his youth:

They say I look just like my mama but I act just like my daddy yup, I’m straight out the trap, I figured out how to live lavish (Yeah)/ All these bitches love me, most of these niggas can’t stand me real trapper, slash rapper, nigga, yup, I been had GRAMMYs/ Uh, trappin’ out my granny’s, I hit broccoli, I had candy, yup

Hundred racks in my fanny pack and a thirty round under my jacket, yup look at my gang, they addin’ up, the opps like, “Man, he ain’t lettin’ up”/ Bad lil’ bitch with a natural bust, said she wanna fuck me in the back of my truck but I told her, “I don’t pay to fuck”/

Yellow Tape 2 was originally released last November, complete with 20 hard-hitting cuts and zero features. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much time to celebrate the album’s success, as that same month saw his business partner, frequent collaborator, and literal family member Young Dolph gunned down in Memphis. Since then, the Paper Route talent did release “Proud,” a heartfelt tribute to Dolph that saw him truly opening up about his loss.

Be sure to press play on Key Glock’s brand new cinematic music video for his “Grammys” track down below.