/  11.02.2021

Early last year, Key Glock flooded the streets with the well-received project Yellow Tape, a 16-track body of work with production assists from BandPlay, Southside, Kenny Beats, Sledgren, and more. This Friday (Nov. 5), the Memphis star will deliver the project’s official sequel, which is led by the songs “Ambition For Cash” and “Da Truth.”

Over the weekend, Glock added to that with another dope single titled “Toolie,” a CLDHRT-produced ode to anyone who refuses to leave their respective sanctuary without any protection:

“Before I brush my teeth, I grab my motherfuckin’ toolie, I be gettin’ money, money what I be pursuin’, I’m ‘bout a check for real, these other niggas goofy, I’m still the same nigga, I’m just ridin’ in a new Benz, I keep that Waka Flocka Flame up on me, oh, let’s do it, I never fucked with tattletales, I never ran with loose lips, I never been the type to talk about it, bitch, I do this, yep, I’m the one they talk about, but niggas ain’t gon’ do shit…”

The accompanying clip for “Toolie” looks like a typical, calm-before-the-storm kind of morning for Key Glock, beginning with your typical preparation activities — getting dressed (in Chrome Hearts, no less), brushing your teeth, grabbing valuables, and more. Glock can then be seen leaving from what looks like his hotel, hopping in a Maybach truck with a waiting associate, and lighting one up to get the day properly started.

With that, fans can press play on Glock’s “Toolie” video — and check out the full tracklisting for Yellow Tape 2 — below.

Yellow Tape 2 tracklist:

  1. “Something Bout Me”
  2. “Channel 5”
  3. “Bill Gates”
  4. “Don’t Know Who To Trust”
  5. “Juicemane”
  6. “Tony”
  7. “Ambition For Cash”
  8. “Ya Feel Me”
  9. “Can’t Switch”
  10. “The 1”
  11. “Quarterback”
  12. “Da Truth”
  13. “Check This Out”
  14. “From The Bottom”
  15. “Luv A Thug”
  16. “Understood”
  17. “Eve”
  18. “Toolie”
  19. “U & I Know”
  20. “Gangsta”



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