Doja Cat quit music, but her decision won’t go into effect until her contractual obligations are fulfilled. In tweets that have since been deleted, the rapper/pop star addressed critics who claimed she reneged on her announcement to end her music career.

“For those who are seeing me at the ‘After Hours Tour,’ i’m not bailing,” Doja tweeted. “But me not bailing doesn’t mean my ass isn’t gonna disappear right after. i still got shit i gotta do. and a lot of y’all think cuz i post a fuckin picture it means i’m not out. Pic doesn’t = music GOOFY.”

“So yes that still means i got videos to film, i got performances to do and I got content to drop,so i’m pooping it out and dippin. i ain’t gone yet,” she continued.

Doja first announced she was quitting music days ago when fans chastised her for failing to meet their expectations. The singer, who was scheduled to perform at the Asunciónico festival in Paraguay on March 22, canceled her show due to bad weather and decided against performing outside of her hotel room like other artists on the lineup. Following much backlash, she said she was incapable of dealing with the downsides of fame and the music industry and was no longer going to make music.

“It’s gone and i don’t give a fuck anymore,” she penned on Twitter. “i fuckin quit i can’t wait to fucking disappear and i don’t need you to believe in me anymore. Everything is dead to me, music is dead, and i’m a fucking fool for ever thinking i was made for this this is a fucking nightmare unfollow me.”

In the days since, Doja apologized to fans, but she never let up on her plans to quit music. When Florida radio station MIX 105.1 tweeted, “Ok so maybe @DojaCat isn’t retiring,” she responded, “Yes the fuck I am.”