If there’s anything that Latto exudes, it’s definitely “big energy.” The term has been used in the urban community since before she released her track of the same name, but in a recent interview, the 777 star broke down the meaning of the phrase as used in her 2021 single.

“It’s a cool way to bring self-love back into the community and to women, specifically,” she told Variety. “When you make these uplifting songs, people think it has to be corny and it doesn’t… It can be in a cool way where you don’t even realize you’re practicing self-love when you listen to this song but you are in a fun, exciting, fresh way.”

“Women can have big d*ck energy, it has nothing to do with what’s in your pants — it’s a confidence, it’s an aura,” she continued. “It’s just believing in yourself and not letting anyone change your mind about yourself.”

Latto is on a high for a variety of reasons. The rapper recently dropped her sophomore album 777, is on a tour titled after her new project and to top it off, she’s secured features from Mariah Carey and DJ Khaled, who both appear on the “Big Energy (Remix).” While talking to Variety, she admitted that she didn’t think the “Fantasy” singer would be interested in hopping on the record.

“When we first started talking about ‘Big Energy’ remix shortly after the original dropped, of course off rip I’m like, Mariah,” she explained. “But at the same time, I’m like let’s be realistic, so I start thinking of other options because I’m like, I would love Mariah but I could never get that. Come to find out, she was down to do it, and that alone just blew my mind.”

Latto then reflected on her experience working with the R&B legend. “She was so dope to work with and such a humble spirit and a refresher in an industry full of madness,” said the Atlanta rapper. “She was definitely a breath of fresh air. We’ve talked on the phone countless times, we’ve texted back and forth countless times. She’s given me so many good conversations and just advice.”