Now that Conway The Machine is a free agent, he’s reflecting on the mistakes he made and lessons he learned when it comes to signing contracts. While chopping it up with “The Breakfast Club,” he revealed that he signed the contract to Griselda Records without ever even reading it.

“When we did that shit in the beginning, I really wasn’t all the way — man, I’ma keep it a buck, I ain’t even read that contract, bro. I just signed that shit and moved on, but unfortunately, the contract wasn’t in my favor,” he said. He later added that he didn’t receive any money from the deal.

“[Shady gave me] some pocket change. I did three contracts with Shady, Interscope and Griselda,” he said. “I have no idea how it worked out for [Westside Gunn and Benny The Butcher]. I just know how it went with me, which again, I’m ok with, I can sleep at night, I know what I did and how I kept it and how I rock. Now, you know, it’s the end, we dropped some beautiful music. Let’s continue.”

Despite the mistake and his subsequent financial woes, Conway says he will avoid making the same errors in the future. He also made it clear that there’s no beef with his former label, which he believes he will “work something out” with.

I trust it to be all business; that’s what I trust now,” said the Buffalo rapper. “I trust me … If it all goes [wrong], it’s ’cause I didn’t read it, I wasn’t involved, I wasn’t hands-on enough. What did I do wrong? I look at shit like that now. What could I have done to make it better? I ain’t saying that to throw shots at nobody — it’s all love.”

Conway The Machine first announced his split from Shady and Griselda during last month’s appearance on the “Bootleg Kev Podcast.” At the time, he revealed that he was shopping around for new deals and said he would potentially be interested in resigning with Griselda.