While the term “Black love” sees many definitions, there are those who still enjoy great stories from married couples. Actors Samuel L. Jackson and his wife, LaTanya Richardson, have been official since 1980, Yahoo reports. The two met while attending HBCUs Morehouse and Spelman in Atlanta.

During an interview, the two talked about their relationship and what it means to not only tie the knot, but stay married. At the beginning of their marriage, they would remain steadfast despite the obstacles to come. 41 years later, that commitment has remained in tact.

“In the beginning, we always said the most revolutionary thing that Black people could do was stay together, raise their children with the nucleus of having a father and a mother, since everybody likes to pretend that that’s not the dynamic of the African American family. That it’s just children out here being raised by women, which we know is false,” LaTanya said.

She added, “In order to change that narrative, we made a decision to say, ‘We are going to stay together no matter what. We’ll figure it out.'”

When the Django actor found himself battling addictions, Samuel credited his wife for being a pillar of strength as he got through rehab and polished his craft. His career saw a boost following the role in Spike Lee’s 1991 film Jungle Fever. “[LaTanya] gave me the chance to be the man I was supposed to be,” he said.

LaTanya, 72, said she’s “grateful” for everything achieved throughout their marriage. “I’m amazed at how busy we are in our seventh decade. I’m grateful because I think of all the things that could be.” Samuel added his own ingredient saying marriage is based off favoring one another. “[Marriage is] two people who respect each other, love each other and look out for each other.”

The couple is currently promoting Apple TV+ limited series The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey based off the book authored by Walter Mosley.