Later this month, Key Glock will upgrade his latest project, Yellow Tape 2, with a deluxe edition that will see 10 additional songs for fans to enjoy. One of those track is “Pain Killers,” a Slaughter-produced cut that sees him reminding listeners that nothing has changed about him in regards to making money:

Yeah, I’m a made nigga, self-made nigga, always been a hustler, all I know is get paid, nigga, yeah, you know my name, it’s on my waist, put it in your face, nigga, I’m cutthroat to the bone, don’t call me slime, ’cause I ain’t no snake, nigga, yeah, I ran it up, but somehow I still hang with gravediggers, yeah, you know what’s up, a multi-million dollar gang member, these niggas, they be gossipin’ like bitches, I can’t hang with ’em, and I ain’t got no feelings, I will pop you like a pain killer…”

The accompanying clip sees Key Glock out in the snowy mountains with a goat at his pet. He can also be seen riding around in one of his all-yellow vehicles — this time, he picks his Lambo truck, which stands out beautiful in each scene featured.

Yellow Tape 2 was originally released last November, complete with 20 hard-hitting cuts and zero features. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much time to celebrate the album’s success, as that same month saw his business partner, frequent collaborator, and literal family member Young Dolph gunned down in Memphis. Since then, the Paper Route talent did release “Proud,” a heartfelt tribute to Dolph that saw him truly opening up about his loss:

I lost my dog, I lost my mind, no lie, I’m really lost inside, I can get it back in blood, but still, I can’t get back the time, fuck that humble shit, let’s go, you know I’m spazzin’ out ’bout mine, I got Dolph lookin’ down on me, I know that nigga proud…”

Press play on “Pain Killers” below. Yellow Tape 2 (Deluxe) drops Mar. 25.