Last month, Omeretta the Great set Atlanta on fire with her viral single “Sorry Not Sorry,” an AngelLaCiencia and AceSoulja-produced banger that sees the rapper making the boundaries of her city clear:

“Answer this if you say you from the ‘A’ right… which zone are you from? What hood did you live? What hospital bed were you born? Look I know it sound crazy, but imma ‘A’ baby, I gotta start pulling folks cards, we had to live in the zoo where you don’t make it out, so, I don’t give a fuck what they say, look if you niggas ain’t grow up in APS system, you bitches is not from the ‘A’…”

As expected, many of Omeretta’s peers have decided to weigh in on the song and what is or is not considered Atlanta — including Latto, who regularly reps Clayton County in her music. Following a humorous clip referencing a line from the track, she then responded by showing that she has no issue with what was said about her hometown:

It’s not a big deal lol clay co is the south we not the city she said the truth tbh.”

Today (Mar. 4), Latto has decided to take things a step further by jumping on a remix of “Sorry Not Sorry,” where she raps about her southern stomping grounds, current wealth, and more:

“Bitch I’m from Clay Co., home of the green bandanas, we only tell tourists Atlanta, the first and the only rap bitch wit’ a plaque in my city, we skipped school, went to Panhandle, screen RIP to Slim Dunkin, I fuck up this money, it’s nothin’ … now that I made it, I’m still giving back to the hood, pulling up like the Southside Santa…”

Press play on Omeretta the Great and Latto‘s “Sorry Not Sorry (Remix).”